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Case 33

August 17, 2008

This young man complains of severe pain in the middle finger since 5 years.The pain gets triggered on touch.Given are Ultrasound images and MR images of the middle finger(pre and post contrast images).What is your impression

Case 32

August 04, 2008

Here are the T1W,T2W,T2FLAIR,DWI and post contrast images.What is your impression?

Case 31

August 02, 2008

A spotter.This patient came with abdominal distention.What is your diagnosis.

Case 30

November 26, 2007

This 30 year old lady came with numbness over the left thumb.On examination wasting of thenar muscles were noted.MR and CT images are given here.What is ur impression?

Case 29

November 21, 2007

A spotter.What is your diagnosis?

Case 28

November 20, 2007

A spotter.What is ur impression?

Case 27

November 17, 2007

This is a spotter.What is your impression?

Case 26

November 16, 2007

A 62 year-old woman came to the emergency department after 2 days of worsening abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and vomiting.Given above are the CT images.What is your opinion?


October 29, 2007

Scrotal sonography image is given here.What is your opinion?

Case 24

June 13, 2007

Young boy presented with pain in the left knee since 2 weeks.Shown are the High Resolution T1WI.What is your impression?

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